At Random

(Bay View, Milwaukee, WI)

Scooter’s 1325th bar, first visited in 2019.

At Random, Milwaukee

This was another recommendation from a bartender earlier in the day. And we almost missed it, because what looked like the main entrance actually isn’t so for a moment we thought it was closed. The actual entrance turns out to be in the back.

This place looks like any other neighborhood dive bar from the outside. But step inside and it’s anything but. Mid-20th-century tiki/club decor, all lit in red, and a drink menu that is entirely cocktails (no beer or wine) with a specialty in ice cream cocktails.

The name, according to the bartender who told us about the place, comes from fact that it would open and close at the whim of the previous owners, so it would be entirely random whether you’d happen to find it open. But at the time of our visit it has recently been taken over by new owners (the previous owners retired) and their one big change was to make the hours consistent.

Because this was such a treat, we all went with ice cream cocktails. I forget the specific one I had, but it was the one our server said would be the most chocolaty.

We had such a good time here we almost forgot we were on a mission to get to Wolski’s and nearly messed that up!

The photos below have been enhanced to try to show some of the colors other than just the red. In reality, it’s ALL red when you’re inside.

At Random, Milwaukee

At Random, Milwaukee

At Random, Milwaukee

2501 S Delaware Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207
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(414) 481-8030

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