Corner Bar

(Grandview, MO)

Scooter’s 517th bar, first visited in 2008.

Corner Bar, Grandview

Located in downtown Grandview, this was a really good find. Our bartender was a hoot and made some pretty mean looking shots for the regulars. One of these regulars was a woman with the unusual speech impediment of being unable to pronounce the letters “L” or “R”. In a good-natured ribbing sort of way, our bartender would ask her questions whose answers would require using these letters, all whilee she sipped her “wemon dwop mahtini”. It was all in good fun, it was clear everyone in there was friends.

As we left an older woman seated near the door informed us that this was the best bar in town and invited us to return the next time we were in the area.

702 Main St
Grandview, MO 64030
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(816) 761-9055

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