Silver Moon Tavern

(Quincy, IL)

Scooter’s 840th bar, first visited in 2010.

Silver Moon Tavern, Quincy

We left Uncle Bob’s bar with no real destination in mind, and within moments found a residential street with two bars diagonally across the street from each other.

Silver Moon Tavern, Quincy

This town is awesome!

We decided to start out with the one on the left, which was a tiny little converted house called the Silver Moon Tavern.

Officially the capacity was 21, but there’s only seating for about 16.

B chatted about football with the lone other patron, while I admired the broken shuffleboard game.

Gotta love this mugshot from a theft that occurred here a while back!

Silver Moon Tavern, Quincy

Silver Moon Tavern, Quincy

1020 N 10TH St.
Quincy, IL 62301
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