(Abilene, KS)

Scooter’s 261st bar, first visited in 2007.

Brownie's, Abilene

B had Bud Light, I had Coors Light. $1.50 for a 12 oz. draw.

This place had a pretty impressive stock of canned and bottled beers. The bartender gave us a detailed overview of how Kansas’s liquour laws worked and all the different types of establishments you could be. She also reminded us that we were drinking 3.2 beer, which almost made it feel like we were cheating.

It was about an hour from the start of karaoke but we didn’t have time to stick around. We were going to have to skip any remaining towns if we were ever going to make it to Salina.

Brownie's, Abilene

209 W 1st St
Abilene, KS 67410
[launch map]
(785) 263-3264