Lumber Yard Restaurant & Bar

(Chapman, KS)

Chapman was hit by a devastating tornado in early 2008, but the downtown area only had minor damage. I have attempted to contact the owner without success to check the status of the bar, but am presuming it is still open.

Scooter’s 259th bar, first visited in 2007.

Lumber Yard Restaurant & Bar, Chapman

B had a 12 oz. Coors Light for $1.50, I had a 12 oz. Killian’s for $2.00

Needing to make a pit stop I proceeded to the logical part of the bar area but was quickly stopped by a handful of regulars and was told I was going the wrong way. It turned out the men’s room was by the front door. While I was inside a young guy sat down at the bar and the owner (or manager), seated nearby, told the bartender to check his ID.

“Do I need to card those their IDs too?” she asked, referring to us.

“No need,” said the manager, “I’ve served them before, they’ve been in here a few times.”

Hmm, if that’s true, then I guess I can’t count this as a new bar. ;)

Lumber Yard Restaurant & Bar, Chapman

114 W 4th St
Chapman, KS 67431
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(785) 922-6140