Paramount Bar

(Salina, KS)

Scooter’s 268th bar, first visited in 2007.

Paramount Bar, Salina

This place was crowded and did have a band, but there was no cover charge and the music was not too loud. We were able to get a table with ease.

We both had Bud 10 oz. draws were $2.00.

Paramount Bar, Salina

After finishing our beer we stepped out under the awning to scope out our situation. It was raining heavily (turned out to be one of the worst floods Salina had seen in years, over 5 inches of rain fell n just a few hours) and the next bar was up the street. As we made our plan, B felt something shift and heard a heartbreaking “sploosh” sound.

Weakened by several exposures to the rain, the side of the pizza box we had been carrying since The Scheme had popped open and our entire 1/2 large pepperoni pizza had just dropped face-down onto the wet sidewalk.

In what must have looked like a well-choreographed scene, we looked in horror at the mess on the sidewalk, then at each other, then at the pizza, then at each other, and at the pizza again, and bck at each other.

B was at a loss for words. He knelt down and somberly started putting the slices of wet pizza back in the box. “Well maybe it might still be salvageable,” I offered.

He looked at it, frowned, and set it behind a bench. “There’s no point,” he said, before cursing himself repeatedly.

Devastated by our loss, we ran up-and-across the street to the next place we saw.

219 N Santa Fe Ave
Salina, KS 67401
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(785) 827-0992