River City Tavern

(North Kansas City, MO)

Closed at the end of January, 2011, after the building was condemned.

Scooter’s 45th bar, first visited in 2006.

River City Tavern, North Kansas City

This is the southernmost bar on the Swift Avenue Dive Bar Row. It occupies a nondescript little shoebox of a building.

On my first visit I was greeted by a scrappy little mop dog on the floor and a gruff bartender who seemed to think it was very strange that I kept tipping him for my drinks. By the way it’s all bottles and cans here — no taps.

I didn’t really care for this place. It was ok, but I’ve been to a lot of better dives. However it must be doing SOMETHING right, because it’s consistently open on weekday nights even though the superior (in my opinion) Pat’s Pub just a few doors north rarely seems to make it open past 9pm during the week. River City Tavern is not open on weekends though, or at least not consistently.

River City Tavern, North Kansas City

1229 Swift Ave
North Kansas City, MO 64116
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