Get-A-Way Bar & Grill

(Manley, NE)

Scooter’s 570th bar, first visited in 2009.

Get-A-Way Bar & Grill, Manley

We got inside and the first thing we noticed was that our friends from Hopkins Tavern back in Weeping Water were there.

“”It’s about time!”" they said.

They got a good laugh out of it when we explained that we had arrived by way of Louisville.

The bar was completely full so we had to sit at a table. We decided to go ahead and get a little food, just some fried appetizers, and the bartender was so service-minded that she wouldn’t hear of it when we got up to order from the bar and she instead came around to take our orders.

I knew it had to be getting late since the evening news was on, which meant we had fallen a little behind schedule. As we watched the TVs we noticed that the ceiling was decorated with dozens of classic beer tap handles.

Get-A-Way Bar & Grill, Manley

Get-A-Way Bar & Grill, Manley

115 Main St
Manley, NE 68403
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(402) 234-9903