Harleys & Horses Bar & Grill

(Kansas City, MO)

Scooter’s 681st bar, first visited in 2010.

Harleys & Horses Bar & Grill, Kansas City

Biker & rock/blues themed bar in a converted restaurant near Worlds of Fun. The bar is a rectangle in the center of the building, with a stage to once side and pool tables to the other side. There is a covered patio in back for the smokers.

This is a fairly new place, it opened October 2009.

The menu features a 5-lb burger challenge. But plan ahead, it requires 48 hours advance notice.

Harleys & Horses Bar & Grill, Kansas City

7210 NE 43rd St.
Kansas City, MO 64117
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(816) 452-2660

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