The Lost Bar

(Gladstone, MO)
Formerly End Zone

Scooter’s 734th bar, first visited in 2010.

The Lost Bar, Gladstone

Talk about a lost bar… I thought I’d covered every bar on North Oak four years ago! Every time I saw the name “Lost Bar” come up in my research I assumed it had to be a new name for a bar I’d already been too.

Ironically, my BARDAR has gone off numerous times while driving past the very strip mall in which this bar is located. It’s a strip mall that screams that it has a bar in it, yet there isn’t one to be found…

…unless you look in the back.

But why would you? From Oak it looks like a standard one-story strip mall with nothing behind it. But it turns out there’s a sharp drop in the hill and there is indeed a lower level around back.

Lost Bar is a small, dark, smokey dive — exactly what you’d expect such a well-hidden place to be. There’s pool tables, games, and a small stage. There seems to be a well-knit group of regulars.

The Lost Bar, Gladstone

The Lost Bar, Gladstone

The Lost Bar, Gladstone

7632 N Oak Trfy
Gladstone, MO 64118
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(816) 569-4860

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