(Downtown, Minneapolis, MN)

Scooter’s 152nd bar, first visited in 2006.

Brothers, Minneapolis

Downstairs bar, next to “Refuge”. Square shaped bar. As we were chatting and getting rather lit, two young Asian people came in with a large camera. We didn’t pay much attention at first until there was a tap on my shoulder.

Them: “Excuse me, do you guys like White Castle?”

Us: “Yeah, in fact we had it today.”

Them: “Have you tried chicken rings?”

Us: “Yes, today, for the first time, and we loved them!”

Them: “Great! Here are some coupons for some free rings and sliders.”

Us: “Thanks! We’re from Kansas City and they closed all of our White Castles so we’re glad you have them here.”

Them: “In that case, here’s a whole pile of coupons, get as many as you can before you go home.”

Us: “Wow, thanks!”

Them: “Mind if we take your picture for our promotional materials?”

They then snapped our picture and had us sign releases.

Brothers, Minneapolis

430 1st Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55401
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(612) 333-8100

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