Blue Rose

(Downtown, Kansas City, KS)

Scooter’s 362nd bar, first visited in 2007.

Blue Rose, Kansas City

We had first entered a private club called Dixie’s and immediately faced a grilling not only from the bartender but also from a customer at the end of the bar. “Check their membership cards! They don’t belong here! Throw them out!” he kept shouting as the bartender nagged a Mexican family who also were not members. This wasn’t necessary at all, we had respected the rules everywhere we have been, but this customer was being way too much of an asshole about it. So, noticing that he was reading the new Harry Potter book, B leaned in and told him how it ended as we were heading towards the door.

We stepped outside into the blistering heat and saw The Blue Rose across the street. D and I were tired of being tossed out of places (Dixie’s had made about 5 today) so B went to go check it out. After a few minutes of standing in the heat without a peep from B, we decided to go see what was happening only to find B sitting comfortably in the A/C halfway through his frosty cold beer.

The bartender gave us membership applications, the only private club we found that actually offered a way to become a member, and poured our beers.

1013 Central Ave
Kansas City, KS 66102
[launch map]
(913) 321-7673