Final Approach Bar & Grill

(Overland Park, KS)
Formerly Mulvaney’s Beef & Brew

Closed, but a new bar has opened in the same location.
Now called Tailgator’s

Scooter’s 481st bar, first visited in 2008.

Final Approach Bar & Grill, Overland Park

Formerly Mulvaney’s Beef and Brew, I thought Google Maps was wrong when it identified this place as Final Approach. Nope, it turns out the owner of the popular Tiffany Springs bar of the same name bought Mulvaney’s to open a second location. Our bartender was a transplant from the original location.

Final Approach Bar & Grill, Overland Park

Incidentaly the original location has been sold, though it still operates as Final Approach as well.

The internet jukebox was continuously pausing to buffer. Don’t those things download the entire song first??

7955 Frontage Rd
Overland Park, KS 66204
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(913) 648-6005