Jackson’s Bar & Grill

(Shawnee, KS)

Closed, but a new bar has opened in the same location.
Now known as Pour House

Scooter’s 482nd bar, first visited in 2008.

Jackson's Bar & Grill, Shawnee

This was an unexpected bonus find and turned out to be one of our more entertaining stops.

Jackson's Bar & Grill, Shawnee

As D sipped his Bud Light and B & I sipped our Coors Lights, a news story was on the TV about the suicide of the alleged anthrax mailer.

I wondered aloud if we’d ever know the real reason behind the attacks, and B wondered if the government would even allow a suicide note to be published in the media. He used an analogy of “What if a scientist died and left a suicide note describing exactly what is really at Area 51?”

“Did I hear you correctly?” came a voice from the end of the bar. “Did you say you’ve been to Area 51?

“No, no,” B said, “I was just using that as an example. I was…”

“Oh that’s cool,” the stranger interrupted. “I love talking about Area 51, that’s one of my favorite topics.”

“Oh yeah?” B replied. “Then you need to talk to this guy,” B said, pointing to his brother, D. “He’s a scientist and knows all about that stuff.”

B then excused himself from the conversation while I pretended to receive a phone call.

The ensuing ponderings frum this dude were priceless:

science_dude.jpg “I have a theory. This can’t be the only planet in the solar system. This [pause] just can’t be the [pause], it can’t be the only planet God created in the entire Galaxy. I mean, he’s like a smart dude.”

“As for Area 51, if an alien didn’t really crash there, then why won’t the government let us all walk in and look around?”

“I’m just saying, this can’t be the only planet out there. I mean, I’m not a religious man, but God is smarter than that.”

Jackson's Bar & Grill, Shawnee

7405 Nieman Rd
Shawnee, KS 66203
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(913) 766-5225

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