Timber Creek Bar & Grill

(Louisburg, KS)

Scooter’s 717th bar, first visited in 2010.

Timber Creek Bar & Grill, Louisburg

This restaurant/bar appears to serve as Louisburg’s main gathering spot. It’s a huge space, divided into several rooms. The bar area occupies over half of the public area of the building.

The bar is a central U-shaped island in the middle of a large room filled with booths and tables. One side of the room has a stage for bands and karaoke. Outside the opposite side is an outdoor seating area, a deck well-shaded by umbrellas and the woods behind the building.

There are several TVs throughout the place, an older CD jukebox, and several video games. (Including Golden Tee, Pac Man, a hunting game, and a jet ski game.) A separate room near the entrance houses the pool tables.

With domestic bottles at $3, this was our most expensive bar of the day. Though it wouldn’t have been if we’d paid attention to the specials before ordering.

The bar…
Timber Creek Bar & Grill, Louisburg

Panorama of the seating area around the bar. (Use the slider below the photo to view.)

Timber Creek Bar & Grill, Louisburg

Timber Creek Bar & Grill, Louisburg

Timber Creek Bar & Grill, Louisburg

This last photo is for those who have whined about the smoke in nearly every online review I’ve read about this place. Granted, they’ll have no choice after July 2010, but they switched early. I noticed no trace of smoke smell inside.
Timber Creek Bar & Grill, Louisburg

14 E. Amity Street
Louisburg, KS 66053
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(913) 837-2600

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