Alice & Woody’s Cocktail Bar

(Vincennes, IN)

Scooter’s 811th bar, first visited in 2010.

Alice & Woody's Cocktail Bar, Vincennes

The GPS took us in via a side street so we ended up coming in the back door. The front entrance looks a little “classier” than the photo shown here.

This place was quite crowded, we had to sit against the far back. We were served gigantic Old Style pours. Far too much beer, so we had to enact the “12 oz” rule. I ended up accidentally finishing 16 oz though, so I was full for a while after this.

That was one thing that has been odd about this trip so far, the pours have generally been far too big. We expect that in cities and college towns, but not in these small towns.

Alice & Woody's Cocktail Bar, Vincennes

Alice & Woody's Cocktail Bar, Vincennes

1031 Washington Avenue
Vincennes, IN 47591
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(812) 882-9728

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