T’s Lounge

(Terre Haute, IN)

Scooter’s 815th bar, first visited in 2010.

T's Lounge, Terre Haute

We pulled into Terre Haute considerably later than we had intended. Leave it to us to make a 5 hour drive take 13 hours! Consequently we drove past any strip mall bars on the way into town and headed north of I-70s, where we expected the older bars with more character to be located.

I’ve been to Terre Haute many times but only on the main strip south of I-70, so I had no familiarity at all with the older part of the city. We pointed the van in a direction where I felt the downtown area might be. T’s Lounge was the first bar we found along that path.

T’s is a cajun bar and grill. It was moderately busy, more so than my pictures make it look. We were served beer in big-ass plastic cups.

We asked the bartender for info about where we should look to find a lot of bars close together, and what time they closed. She told us to check out Wabash Avenue and that most of the bars would close at 1am.

I’ve seen the address listed as both 1612 and 1617. I went with 1612 since that’s what the web site says.

T's Lounge, Terre Haute

T's Lounge, Terre Haute

1612 South 7th Street
Terre Haute, IN 47802
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(812) 232-2886

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