Bohannon’s East

(Terre Haute, IN)

Scooter’s 820th bar, first visited in 2010.

Bohannon's East, Terre Haute

This is kind of weird, the address implies this is west of Speakeasy but it’s actually east of Speakeasy. It’s a quirky result of the angle of Wabash and the way the side streets intersect.

This place looked quite new and we found out it had just been remodeled 3 weeks earlier, with new walls and a new ceiling put in. The bartender told us that his roommate is slowly buying the bar.

We had a really good visit here and enjoyed chatting with the bartender and the other customers about our trip.

Bohannon's East, Terre Haute

1728 Wabash Avenue
Terre Haute, IN 47807
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(812) 234-2638