Guy & Mae’s Tavern

(Downtown, Williamsburg, KS)

Scooter’s 984th bar, first visited in 2013.

Guy & Mae's Tavern, Williamsburg

Guy & Mae’s is a little hole in the wall bar that, apart from the dollar bills hanging from the ceiling, would be pretty unassuming and overlooked if not for their one terribly-kept secret: their BBQ.

The incredibly tender smoked ribs are served wrapped in foil and newspaper, and draw people in from miles away. We lucked into finding an open table on arrival, but within minutes there was a line of people waiting for seating and I’ve learned this is common.

In addition to ribs there are “sandwiches” of thinly sliced beef, turkey, ham, or polish sausage — all smoked and all delicious. I use the term “sandwiches” loosely because they are more accurately described as plates of meat that just happen to have some bread on them.

Located halfway between Ottawa and the Beto Junction truck stop, this is well worth the 1 mile detour off I-35.

Guy & Mae's Tavern, Williamsburg

119 W William St
Williamsburg, KS 66095
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(785) 746-8830