Possum Holler

(Mile Marker 61, Edwards, MO)

Scooter’s 1173rd bar, first visited in 2016.

Possum Holler, Edwards

We had intended to go here before Fatties, but when we arrived they were hosting something called the No Boat Float Race and it was so crowded we couldn’t get within 500 feet of the place. We returned 90 minutes later and had the whole place to ourselves.

When you enter the door there’s a room to the left with pool tables and a small secondary bar, and a room to the right with the main bar and a DJ booth. Tiny restrooms are straight back. A deck wraps around the main bar area.

A family arrived shortly after we did and within minutes their children had managed to knock over a stack of karaoke song list binders and send pages of song titles scattering in all directions all over the floor.

Possum Holler, Edwards

Possum Holler, Edwards

2719 Pine Cove Rd
Edwards, MO 65326
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(573) 345-0044

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