Vikings USA Bootheel MO #133

(Downtown Square, Clinton, MO)

Scooter’s 1002nd bar, first visited in 2013.

Vikings USA Bootheel MO #133, Clinton

It was a little afternoon on a cold day-before-Thanksgiving, and I walked around Clinton’s historic square looking for a good place to step in for a beer while everyone else in my group shopped.

I made one pass around the square to get the lay of the land. I narrowed down my options and began a second pass to make my choice. But I was dismayed to find that everything either looked a little too upscale for my taste, or was closed.

When I reached the northeast corner or the second time I glanced north along Main Street. Something told me “There just has to be a good old fashioned dive up this block somewhere.” My senses were right.

Located 1 block north of the east side of the square, this Vikings Bootheel club is exactly the type of place I like to find for day drinking. Cheap, smoky, a pool table in the back, and just couple of guys my age or older sitting back drinking canned beer.

Vikings USA Bootheel MO #133, Clinton

138 N Main St
Clinton, MO 64735
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(660) 885-4515