Fox Run

(Fulton, KS)

Scooter’s 723rd bar, first visited in 2010.

Fox Run, Fulton

I was a bit nervous about this place at first, with its ramshackle appearance and with it being very much off the beaten path. But I’m glad we stopped in, because this was our favorite bar of the entire trip and easily among the best bars I’ve been to.

A poker run had just departed minutes before our arrival so it wasn’t very busy, which allowed us to talk with the bartender as well as one of the owners. These people were great, and they were excited that we found this place and even more excited when I mentioned that I had seen their Facebook page.

The bar was first built in 1946 and expanding to its current size (twice the original size) some time later. The current owners have had the place since about 1996.

The bar has 7′ ceilings, which gives it a very cozy feeling. (Borderline cramped if you’re tall like me.) The regulars are a vast cross section of people, a very eclectic mix of just about every walk of life. Cowboys, doctors, rednecks, lawyers,bikers, you name it. Because they are very strict and quick about dealing with troublemakers, there are almost never any kinds of problems at the bar and everyone has a great time.

The bar pulls in live entertainment, hosts poker tournaments, and even puts on turtle races for the kids. There’s two pool tables, a jukebox, and a semi-inaccessible MegaTouch machine.

One of my cohorts had just turned 21 recently so they gave him a free Fox Run hat. The hat looks great, and he loves it! (It’s the same hat worn by the mannequin below.

It’s a private club, $20 annual membership, but we were signed in as guests.

Fox Run, Fulton

Fox Run, Fulton

Fox Run, Fulton

Fox Run, Fulton

115 W. Spruce St.
Fulton, KS 66737
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(620) 857-9427

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