Backdoor Saloon

(Pleasanton, KS)

Scooter’s 721st bar, first visited in 2010.

Backdoor Saloon, Pleasanton

This bar is located around back of Northside BBQ, in a converted garage. While it wasn’t too busy when we visited due to our arrival between the lunch and evening crowds, the bartender told us that by nightfall the place would fill up to over a hundred people. Bands, bikini contests, and so forth help draw the crowds.

The bar has lots of table seating, two pool tables, a CD jukebox, and an outdoor area (though it was unclear to me whether drinks can be taken outside).

A separate room features the stage and dance floor, this room is also the junction between the bar and the restaurant that’s around front.

At $2 for a 16 ounce pour, this was one of the cheaper places we went to.

Backdoor Saloon, Pleasanton

Backdoor Saloon, Pleasanton

Backdoor Saloon, Pleasanton

I loved the signs marking the restrooms. (The urinals were filled with ice, too.)
Backdoor Saloon, Pleasanton

The outdoor area
Backdoor Saloon, Pleasanton

Panorama of the bar. Please pardon the goofy facial expressions of my cohorts and their fragmented bodies. “Don’t move,” I told them, and this is what I wound up with. :) (Use the slider below the photo to view.)

11231 Tucker Rd
Pleasanton, KS 66075
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(913) 352-6185

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