La Merenda

(Harbor View, Milwaukee, WI)

Scooter’s 1321st bar, first visited in 2019.

La Merenda, Milwaukee

As we were wrapping up at George’s we were getting hungry. Our group couldn’t decide between Mexican or Indian. The bartender at George’s recommended a Mexican place nearby at 2nd & National, but he couldn’t remember the name of it.

We, however, accidentally parked at 1st & National, saw La Merenda, and not realizing right away that was Italian and not Spanish, assumed it was what he was talking about.

When we got inside, we had difficulty reconciling the bartender we had just met would routinely go ti a place this…upscale. It wouldn’t be until later that we realized he was talking about a place called Cielito Lindo another block over. But that’s ok, as this turned out to be a fortunate blunder in a couple of ways.

First, this is a tapas bar. Which meant, we ended eating moth Mexican AND Indian style food, as well as a few other styles!

Secondly, the bartender recommended we stop at a place nearby called Shaker’s. None of us had heard of it, so we never would have gone to our next bar had we not gone to this one by mistake!

In addition to getting filled up with delicious food, I had a Thousandfold Stout by Company Brewing .

La Merenda, Milwaukee

125 E National Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53204
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(414) 389-0125

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