Who’s On Third

(Downtown, Milwaukee, WI)

Scooter’s 1319th bar, first visited in 2019.

Who's On Third, Milwaukee

After Pabst we went to find the Bronze Fonz statue. It took a bit to get to it, a marathon was wrapping up so several streets were closed and most of the parking garages had jacked their rates up. But we finally found a cheap lot and visited the Fonz. After we all got our photos in we were parched, so took off walking looking for a drink. Initially all we were finding was national chains, and we were starting to get fussy. We finally got to a corner where we could see two bars about half a block away: one straight ahead and one to the right. The neighborhood to the right looked a little more interesting, so that’s what we chose. It turned out there were several bars on this block, we picked this one because we liked the name. (We had only paid for 1 hour of parking so could only choose one.)

The bar is made up of two adjoining buildings, a fact I didn’t initially notice until I went to find the restroom. There’s a full bar in each building. There’s also a small sidewalk seating area.

It was really crowded, we considered ourselves lucky to find a few places to sit just inside the front window that were together. Some of us still had to stand.

I had an Eastside Dark (dark lager) by Lakefront Brewery

Who's On Third, Milwaukee

Who's On Third, Milwaukee

1007 N Old World 3rd St
Milwaukee, WI 53203
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(414) 897-8373

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