Independent Ale House

(Downtown, Rapid City, SD)

Scooter’s 1380th bar, first visited in 2019.

Independent Ale House, Rapid City

“Wait, you picked this place for the beer, not the food!” my wife said, angrily, when we stepped inside.

“Oh my god, this is just about the best pizza I’ve ever had!” she later said after the food came out. :)

Perfectly-sized gourmet flatbread pizzas and a great beer selection, that’s all I need!

I had a Bluebird Day (IPA) by Great Northern Brewing Company (Montana)

There was a second level (basement level) but we didn’t head downstairs so I don’t know if it was just additional seating or if there was other stuff of interest.

Independent Ale House, Rapid City

Independent Ale House, Rapid City

625 St Joseph St
Rapid City, SD 57701
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(605) 718-9492

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