Burnout Grill

(Milliken, CO)

Scooter’s 1272nd bar, first visited in 2018.

Burnout Grill, Milliken

We were heading to Fort Collins and I had found nice little family diner to stop for breakfast along the way. “Do they have Bloody Mary’s?” my friend asked. “Oh,” I said, and began a new search for breakfast AND booze available in the morning. That led us to this place.

I was disappointed at first when we pulled up and discovered it was a new looking place in a modern suburban strip mall. But that disappointment turned into relief when we stepped inside and discovered it to be a genuine dive bar.

While we drank and ate, we watched some sort of “Life Hacks” reality show on what I think was TLC.

In addition to my breakfast I had a 1554 by New Belgium Brewing Company, which if I had remembered sooner that that was a New Belgium beer I would have ordered something else as the New Belgium Brewery was going to be our next stop.

Burnout Grill, Milliken

Burnout Grill, Milliken

220 Alice Ave
Milliken, CO 80543
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(970) 587-9997

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