FATE Brewing Company

(Boulder, CO)

Scooter’s 1276th bar, first visited in 2018.

FATE Brewing Company, Boulder

There are a lot of places we wanted to go to in Boulder that we regret not having the time for, we picked this one almost at random from a few finalists as the one other Boulder place we’d get to go to.

Like Avery, this was also located in an office park. But the setting seemed even more out-of-place, we almost didn’t see it and were sure our GPS had led us to the wrong spot. Until we spotted some guys who looked like beer drinkers getting off some bicycles, the setting looked more like where you’d go to get blood work drawn.

I didn’t notice any outdoor seating, but it’s possible there was some in the back.

I had their Imperial Stout.

FATE Brewing Company, Boulder

1600 38th St
Boulder, CO 80301
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(303) 449-3283

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