10 Barrel Brewing

(River North Arts District, Denver, CO)

Scooter’s 1288th bar, first visited in 2018.

10 Barrel Brewing, Denver

After 14er we decided it was time to head back to the hotel for a break, but were in a phone signal dead zone and had to start walking. Finally we got to an area with signa, but there were no Ubers to be found AT ALL. Eventually we found ourselves in front of 10 Barrel, and we decided to go on inside in the hopes that we could keep trying to get an uber someplace away from the sun.

I had the Biggie Smalls (Irish Stout) and the Koko Head (Coffee Stout).

After we finished here we were still unable to get an uber, so we exited through the back in order to make our way over to Larimer Street in hopes of maybe being able to flag down a cab if nothing else. After another block or two, though, an available uber finally appear and we snagged that bad boy. (I would later find that if we’d walked one more block west before finding that uber, it would have taken less time to just keep walking the rest of the way back to the hotel.)

10 Barrel Brewing, Denver

10 Barrel Brewing, Denver

2620 Walnut St
Denver, CO 80205
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(720) 573-8992

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