Hi-Lo Diner

(MSP Airport, St. Paul, MN)

Scooter’s 1638th bar, first visited in 2023.

Hi-Lo Diner, St. Paul

As I was heading to the airport my online boarding pass showed my flight departing from concourse G, so I picked out a bar there to grab some lunch and hang out at.

By the time I got through security that had changed to a gate in concourse F. Having not done any advance research into F, I went and found my gate first, then saw this place right across from it. A perfect spot to grab some lunch and a drink while keeping an eye on my gate.

They were out of a lot of food items, but they did have chicken tenders and fries. I was feeling a bit beered-out so I got a drink called Minnesota Goodbyes — a coffee-based cocktail.

After I finished my drink and lunch I was considering ordering a beer. I glanced over at my gate to see how things were looking, and now there was a different city on the screen! I checked my boarding pass, and now it had a new gate again, this time way over in Concourse C! So I had to close my tab and speedwalk, reaching the new gate with just minutes to spare before boarding.

Hi-Lo Diner, St. Paul

4300 Glumack Drive
St. Paul, MN 55111
United States
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(786) 810-9350

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