Eagles Club Room – Post 1398

(Creston, IA)

Scooter’s 115th bar, first visited in 2006.

Eagles Club Room - Post 1398, Creston

The bar area was quite large and located on the upper level. We think this may have been a members-only place because we were supposed to sign in up front, but no one was looking so B suggested we just stroll in “like we know what we’re doing”. This place had a big, rectangular bar. As we drank our beers we didn’t really notice that the drunken guy from the Montgomery Street Pub was also there.

When we left, that same guy had left seconds ahead of us, and he began to stumble down the stairs. Brandon grabbed him to steady him and he thanked us. He then went into a spiel about how his wife and son had beaten him earlier that night so the police took him to the bars to get him away from then. He pulled up his pants legs to reveal several scrapes and bruises to support his claim. He said that they do it to him all the time. Eventually the topic of where we were from came up and when we said “Kansas City” he got really excited. “No shit?” he began, “my daughter’s a Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader!”

We didn’t believe him, but he insisted. “Come on, they have the posters and she’s on the calendar. I’ll prove it.”

He led us back to the Montgomery Street Pub, where as soon as we stepped in the bartender looked him on the eye and said “No, no more tonight.” “I’m just here to show them the calendar,” replied our new friend. “Oh,” said the bartender, “we don’t have that anymore, it was for last month.” “So is it true?” we asked, “Is his daughter really a Chiefs cheerleader?”

“Yes, she is,” vouched the bartender and several patrons.

After we managed to lose the drunken dude, who now wanted us to go with him to his shop to see the poster he had there, we were going to head on out of town.

300 E Montgomery St
Creston, IA 50801
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(641) 782-4215