(Kennesaw, GA)

Scooter’s 797th bar, first visited in 2010.

Bullfrogz, Kennesaw

We had intended to look for a bar in Marietta, but we wound up in Kennesaw by mistake. We asked the GPS to find us the closest bar and this is where she brought us.

This is a big tiki themed place with a U-shaped bar at one end. There’s a nonsmoking lounge area and a covered patio.

The bar was full so we grabbed our beers and headed to the back to play some Golden Tee.

When we left, I opened the driver’s side door of the SUV and climbed in. B did not get in, however, instead walking on up to the passenger side door of his van and climbing in. Holy crap, I was in the wrong vehicle!

I quietly slipped out and entered the correct vehicle, while B could only shake his head and laugh.

Bullfrogz, Kennesaw

Bullfrogz, Kennesaw

3655 Cherokee St NW
Kennesaw, GA 30144
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(678) 331-8470

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