Ebbets Field

(Springfield, MO)

Scooter’s 932nd bar, first visited in 2011.

Ebbets Field, Springfield

I’m amazed I was able to find this place later to add it to this list! We were visiting a friend who was driving us a crazy, convoluted route. It was night, it was pouring down torrential rain, we had to take a crazy back way in due to streets being closed for some sort of cider festival, and then we had to run in the rain to go in a back stairs entrance.

Once inside and I got a look around I was able to figure out we were inside some sort of converted old house (which is blurred out in Google Street View for some reason). The place was packed with college students, which surprised our friend. “Usually it’s much older people in here,” he said, “But then again I’m usually in here during the daytime on weekdays, not on a Saturday night,” he laughed.

We shared a pitcher of a local brew and chatted for a while with a couple of the employees until closing time.

Here’s a better picture, this one of the front, stolen from Yelp

Ebbets Field, Springfield

1027 E Walnut St
Springfield, MO 65806
[launch map]
(417) 865-5050