The Blue Goat

(Salina, KS)
Formerly The Spot

Scooter’s 269th bar, first visited in 2007.

The Blue Goat, Salina

A wedding party was in its death throes as we entered this place. Soaking wet, we decided not to cross the dance floor where some bridesmaids were dancing and instead cut through a narrow area where the groomsmen were hanging out. One of them was yapping on his cell phone and wouldn’t step out of the way, and B accidentally knocked him down. B helped him right himself and apologized and he walked back to the bar.

We found ourselves against a barrier that was new to us but we would eventually experience many more times in our barhopping careers — the sheer limit of stomach volume. There simply wasn’t room in there to squeeze in any more beer.

Luckily they had $1 shot specials. Problem solved! We went for Kamikaze shots.

When we left B cut across the dance floor to avoid tipping over any more groomsmen.

232 N Santa Fe Ave
Salina, KS 67401
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(785) 827-1800

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