Primavera Club

(Ottumwa, IA)
Formerly Harley’s

Scooter’s 299th bar, first visited in 2007.

Primavera Club, Ottumwa

Our intention was to pass through Ottumwa for now because we had some business to attend to in Fairfield, two towns further down the highway. But as we reached the eastern edge of Ottumwa we were stopped in our tracks by barricades across the highway — closed for construction. Luckily there was someplace right next to the barricades where we could ask for directions. :)

B: Bud Lite bottle – $1
S: Miller Light bottle – $1

Formerly Harley’s, this place had just recently been bought by a nice Mexican family and re-opened as the Primavera Club. Our bartender, Lorena, was a former nurse who told us about heer life’s travels. Her friends at a nearby table helped us out with directions around the construction zone so that we could get to Fairfield.

2801 Roemer Ave
Ottumwa, IA 52501
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