(Ottumwa, IA)

Scooter’s 309th bar, first visited in 2007.

Scooters, Ottumwa

B: Tall Kamikaze – $3.50
S: Tall Kamikaze – $3.50

We entered through the back door and discovered that this was a dance club. A bouncer stopped us and told us there was a $2 cover. We don’t pay cover charges so we turned around and left — it’s just not not right to have to pay in order to be able to buy a drink.

We went around the block and found another place. We went inside, another dance club. The bouncer stopped us, but this one said “You guys were here earlier, right?” About then we realized that we were at the same place we had just left the other end of, so technically it wasn’t a lie to say “Yes.” :) The bouncer waved us on in.

With our stomachs still suffering from a volume issue I decided to order us kamikaze shots instead of beer. But the bartender misunderstood and made us tall kamikazes instead. Still, this was much less liquid than a pint of beer.

When we arrived a man to B’s right began staring very affectionately at him, making B somewhat uncomfortable. The guy then started making some suggestive remarks. Just as the bartender handed me the drinks, B grabbed me and made me trade places with him, spilling some of my drink onto my shirt. The guy that was bugging B took my hand then told me he was going to have my friend “maybe not tonight, perhaps not tomorrow, but soon.” We slammed our drinks and got the hell out of there.

305 E Main St
Ottumwa, IA 52501
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(641) 684-4197

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