Chief’s Bar & Grill

(Shawnee, KS)

Closed, but a new bar has opened in the same location.
Now called Hurricane Alley’s

Scooter’s 484th bar, first visited in 2008.

Chief's Bar & Grill, Shawnee

As we stepped inside we were met by two women who were sitting just inside the front door, and one of them asked B if I was his dad. This irritated me to no end, since I am only a year older than B. Naturally, B hammed this up for the entire visit, calling me “pops” and putting his head on my shoulder to tell me how much he loves his dear old dad.

Chief's Bar & Grill, Shawnee

5541 Merriam Dr
Shawnee, KS 66203
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(913) 831-3250