Lou & Mary Anne’s Bar

(Bee, NE)

Scooter’s 582nd bar, first visited in 2009.

Lou & Mary Anne's Bar, Bee

Luckily for us, Lou and Mary Ann were awake and doing business. This place felt like a perfect small town gathering spot. It was also a welcome relief after the land of oversized college beers in Lincoln: nice little 10oz draws! As we enjoyed our drinks, we watched Judge Judy decide a case about a vandalized car and a case about a sick dog that had been put to sleep.

“”Do you know if there’s any more rain coming?”" the bartender asked me.

“”No, I think it’s over,”" I said. “”I hope it’s over, anyway.”"

“”I hope it’s not,”" he replied. We really, really need it.

Guess it was pretty selfish of me to want good weather for the drive. It hadn’t occurred to me how important rain is here.

Lou & Mary Anne's Bar, Bee

Lou & Mary Anne's Bar, Bee

176 Elm St
Bee, NE 68314
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(402) 643-2313