Club 152

(Downtown, Memphis, TN)

Scooter’s 943rd bar, first visited in 2011.

Club 152, Memphis

We came in here because a band was playing, the band went on break right as we ordered our drinks. Our luck. :)

I failed to notice that this club actually has 3 levels, though business was slow the night I visited so it’s likely the other floors were closed off.

The bartender was a really nice guy and very helpful, but he kept disappearing. I can’t blame him, though, there were only about 20-30 customers in the whole place. I don’t know if it was the rain, the NBA lockout, or the economy in general but there were fewer than half as many people out an about than there were last year’s Thanksgiving weekend.

Club 152, Memphis

152 Beale St.
Memphis, TN 38104
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