Tony’s Bar

(Newark, OH)

Scooter’s 525th bar, first visited in 2008.

Tony's Bar, Newark

I sought this place out specifically because of an online review I found that made this out to be the absolute worst bar in town. Because part of me enjoys seeing a bar that’s really that bad, but mostly because 9 times out of 10 the bar turns out to actually be perfectly find and the reviewer is in fact one of those uptight snobbish types who wants everything cleean, pristine, and high-dollar. That’s the way it turned out to be with Tony’s.

The front part of Tony’s very much resembles a 1950s style diner, down to the booths, the bar stools, and the photos on the walls. The back room has pool tables and is occasionally used for bands.

The selection of beer on tap, while limited, is more varied than most dive bars. This was the only place in town where I had Guinness from tap.

Tony's Bar, Newark

Tony's Bar, Newark

392 W Main St
Newark, OH 43055
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(740) 345-8657

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