Elbow Lounge

(Newark, OH)

Scooter’s 524th bar, first visited in 2008.

Elbow Lounge, Newark

When we arrived the place had just opened and we were the first customers. They were waiting for a DJ to arrive and expecting a big crowd later.

This is a pretty old building, but I liked the way they put in a modern ceiling without completely hiding the 100+ year old original ceiling.

While this place is easy to find, it’s tricky to figure out how to get to. Your best bet is to park in the paved lot at the SW corner of 1st & Canal and then walk down the alley (Scheilder St.) around to the front of the building.

Elbow Lounge, Newark

Elbow Lounge, Newark

76 S 2nd St
Newark, OH 43055
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(740) 349-7312