The Spigot

(Downtown, Lincoln, NE)

Scooter’s 577th bar, first visited in 2009.

The Spigot, Lincoln

There were a couple of college kids loitering outside. “”I don’t want any trouble!”" B informed them as we stepped inside.

As is the case with most bars in college towns, beer gets served in oversized glasses that make it hard to drink it all before it’s warm and flat. (At least, unless you are one of those 22-year-old fratboy types who still thinks drinking beer is about chugging as much as you can, as fast as you can.) So, to get around that problem, we requested cans. Much to our chagrin, we were given 16oz cans.

As we worked our way through the volume (keep in mind, this was beer #21 for each of us and our stomachs can only stretch so far) we told the girls sitting next to us about the trip we were taking. They were in utter disbelief that we had walked here from 27th Street, making me wonder if maybe Lincoln is less safe than I assumed?

1624 O St
Lincoln, NE 68508
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(402) 435-4582

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