Rude Dog Pub

(Downtown, Cape Girardeau, MO)

Scooter’s 703rd bar, first visited in 2010.

Rude Dog Pub, Cape Girardeau

The bar was pretty crowded when I arrived and only got busier during the course of my visit. Nonetheless I was served immediately. I didn’t catch the bartender’s name — he was a young man with a pony tail — but he was very attentive and friendly and was a key part of what made this a good place to hang out for a little while.

The crowd was about an equal mix of bikers and middle-aged people.

The decor, while bordering on gimmicky, is whimsical enough to be amusing. (I particularly enjoyed the upside-down Christmas Tree on the ceiling.)

The bar has one pool table and a setup for live music in the front. As much as was in here it should have been crowded and claustrophobic, but it wasn’t. They make good use of their space.

This is definitely a bar I’ll be back to on future visits to the town.

Rude Dog Pub, Cape Girardeau

Rude Dog Pub, Cape Girardeau

Rude Dog Pub, Cape Girardeau

123 N Main
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
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(573) 335-4447‎

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