Sandy’s Toddle Inn

(Downtown, Chaffee, MO)

Scooter’s 938th bar, first visited in 2011.

Sandy's Toddle Inn, Chaffee

I very rarely see a bar that has a big “Stag” sign out front. Little did I realize this would be the first of two for me today. :)

Toddle Inn is a charming little bar with beautiful woodwork. The bar was all decked out for Christmas, including a big tree and a display of miniature houses behind the bar. In the far back by the restrooms is a pinball machine. As I drank my beer a little dog paced back and forth by my feet, protecting its rawhide chew.

If you look closely, you can see my face reflected in Old Glory.

Sandy's Toddle Inn, Chaffee

The men’s room has an odd configuration. Just inside the door is a trough urinal… barely. It’s almost too small to be a trough. It might be usable by two very thin fellas or by conjoined twins. For a big guy like me it was more like a large urinal. Thanks to an inappropriately placed mirror that I’m sure has created more than one awkward/uncomfortable situation, I was able to take this photo of the entire restroom. (The sink is a communal sink out by the pinball machine.)

Sandy's Toddle Inn, Chaffee

As it turns out, I came to the wrong bar AND missed 2 other bars in this town. I was actually looking for a place called “Frisco’s” that I discovered later was another block down the street. I thought this was that place and that it just had a new name. In addition, had I gone around the corner, I’d have found another place called “Big E’s”. But that’s OK, I’ll be back in this area soon enough.

105 W. Yoakum Ave
Chaffee, MO 63740
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(573) 887-6077