Benton Bar & Grill

(Benton, MO)

Shockingly, they shut down just a few days after my visit.

Scooter’s 1004th bar, first visited in 2013.

Benton Bar & Grill, Benton

Fairly new looking on the inside, based on Google Street View it appears to have changed hands and been remodeled recently.

There’s a pool table in the front, and a small L-shaped granite countertop bar in the back. Food is served, I believe it’s mainly a steak joint.

Online maps and GPS devices almost universally place this a block and a half east of its actual location. It’s located on the south side of Tywappity Street, half a block west of US-61/Winchester.

(Incidentally, “Tywappity” is one of the coolest street names ever.)

Benton Bar & Grill, Benton

25 W. Tywappity St
Benton, MO 63736
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(573) 313-9093

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