Neumann’s Bar

(Downtown, North St. Paul, MN)

Scooter’s 1152nd bar, first visited in 2016.

Neumann's Bar, North St. Paul

Though this was a painfully long Uber ride each way (including requiring an emergency bathroom stop 2/3 of the way there), we came here anyway due to it being the oldest continuously-operating bar in Minnesota. It opened in 1887 and hasn’t ever closed, not even for Prohibition.

This place was insanely packed, so we weren’t able to really check much of it out and were squashed in by the front window. There did appear to be a patio in the alley.

Since they had it so prominently featured and I rarely see it on tap, I had a Hamm’s Premium.

Neumann's Bar, North St. Paul

Neumann's Bar, North St. Paul

2531 7th Ave E
North St. Paul, MN 55109
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(651) 770-6020

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