Silver Gulch Brewing Company

(Fox, AK)

Scooter’s 1241st bar, first visited in 2018.

Silver Gulch Brewing Company, Fox

Our visit here was dampened by two weirdos who decided they needed to sit down right next to us and started annoying the bartender so much that she (understandably) started staying away as much as possible. I really enjoyed the beer, though.

I had their Pick Axe Porter , Epicenter Ale, Black Lager, SnowHook (IPA), and Osculum Infame (Belgian Quad)

So more about that annoying couple. The woman got angry because she wanted a drink called “The Epicurean” and the bartender had no idea what she was talking about. The woman got angrier and angrier, insisting that she gets it there all the time, and that the bartender obviously didn’t know her job. The bartender finally handed her a drink menu and after looking at it over a minute she called the bartender back over, jabbing the menu with her finger, and shouting “IT’S RIGHT THERE IN YOUR MENU!”

Yep, there is is, right there:

Silver Gulch Brewing Company, Fox

2195 Old Steese Hwy N
Fox, AK 99712
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(907) 452-2739

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