Peterman’s Shamrock

(St. Joseph, MO)
Formerly Shamrock Inn

Scooter’s 912th bar, first visited in 2011.

Peterman's Shamrock, St. Joseph

As far as I can tell this bar has been called the Shamrock for a very long time, though the owner’s name in front of it has changed a couple of times. Currently it’s Peterman’s Shamrock.

The L-shaped bar occupies the front half of the narrow space, framed by a Silver Strike machine and a dart board. The back half has darts, pool tables, and a dance floor. The restrooms are up a small set of stairs in the far back.

It was very smokey in here and a true dive. Music was playing and B danced to it a little, an employee promised him it would be rocking in here in about another hour.

Peterman's Shamrock, St. Joseph

Peterman's Shamrock, St. Joseph

1805 St Joseph Ave
St. Joseph, MO 64505
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