VFW #1668

(St. Joseph, MO)

Scooter’s 906th bar, first visited in 2011.

VFW #1668 , St. Joseph

This is one of the busiest VFW bars I have been to on a day that wasn’t a holiday! Almost completely packed.

There’s Silver Strike, but I don’t recall if I saw a pool table or not due to the crowd. I’m going to assume it does, as every VFW I have ever been to has at least one.

We talked to a really nice gentleman at the far end of the bar, but as we asked questions about the area he informed us he was new in town and referred us to an acquaintance of his at a nearby table. That person was able to answer our questions but one member of his party was noticeably annoyed by our intrusion.

I went to the bar and spoke to Evelyn, the bartender, and purchased a round of drinks for that table (as well as the man we spoke to first) in order to try to smooth things over. Hopefully it worked, I felt badly. :(

VFW #1668 , St. Joseph

As we left, B said to me “Look at all those spools.”. I laughed, thinking this was either some ethnic slur I had never heard before, or was some new term making fun of older people. I didn’t noticed that there was literally a whole bunch of spools right across the street:

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821 North 4th Street
St. Joseph, MO 64501
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(816) 364-3076