Southgate Grill & Lounge

(Hyde Park, St. Joseph, MO)
Formerly 6106 King Hill Avenue

Scooter’s 891st bar, first visited in 2011.

Southgate Grill & Lounge , St. Joseph

Southgate is divided into two main areas. The larger restaurant area takes up the northern 3/4 or so of the building. Partioned into a separate area along the south side of the building is a narrow bar. We arrived here at 10:00am on the dot and had a seat at the bar.

Evidently they aren’t used to having bar customers this early on a Friday, because no one working on the bar side knew how to work the taps. The beer was coming out as all foam, and they didn’t know what to do. After a few tries they decided to sell us bottled beer at draft beer prices. But then it turned out no one knew what they charged for either type. :) Eventually we all agreed on $2 each as the price. Hilarious!

The centerpiece of the bar is a working slot machine that dispenses tokens. We have no idea if there is a purpose for the tokens or if it’s just for fun. The machine is rigged so that you can stop each dial individually.

Southgate Grill & Lounge , St. Joseph

Southgate Grill & Lounge , St. Joseph

6106 King Hill Avenue
St. Joseph, MO 64504
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(816) 238-2150